Monday, March 17, 2014

Green said "he was in attack mode" which leaves the question, why can't he do this every night

Jeff Green ended up with the ball in his hands at the top of the key on one of Boston’s final possessions in the 4th quarter. He rose up to take a potential game-tying 3-pointer, but Pelicans forward Al-Farouq Aminu challenged the shot which ended up with Green knotting the game up at 110-110. Aminu made contact with Green, drawing a whistle that made Boston fans at home jump up off their couches.

Green, who has been Boston’s big play maker all season long, stepped to the line for three free throws with 4.9 seconds with one thing on his mind. Make these three, and send the game into overtime. The game did go into overtime after Kris Humphries hit one of the best shots all year, giving the Celtics the tie at 112 apiece.

"Yeah I was in attack mode tonight. The guys believed in me and kept feeding me the ball. It was a tough lost but we have to move on from it and play a game tomorrow."

Words that we long to hear after every Boston Celtics game. Green scored 39 points, and he showed us again, that he's able to show up on any given night. But of course, not consistent by any means. Prior to Green's 39 point outburst, he scored just 9 points against the Suns. Green has scored 27 points twice, in the past 5 games, and of course 39 Sunday in New Orleans. For the past two months Jeff Green has been a 20 point scorer, which is on point for my standards. Green has 4 30 plus point games under his belt this season, and the Celtics are 3-1 when he scores 30 or more points, with the Celtics nearly winning Sunday.

The prof is there. If Green scores 30 or more points, the Celtics will win, or at least they'll have a higher percentage. Jeff Green's March has been the typical Jeff Green month.

I think Green's career will go two ways in Boston. He's never going to be the focal point of Boston's offense when they try to contend. But if Green is still around, he'll be a player that the Celtics need to get over the hump. Green will be a great 4th option, and sometimes 3rd option on a championship team. Green may have put that to the test if he was around during the Celtics 2012 run. The Celtics fell short by one game in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat.

Green will provide great depth for Boston if he's around. On the other side, Green could lead the Celtics to a player that will be crucial for their hopes at contending. Green could be apart of a trade that makes the Celtics better, or Green stays and helps as a big time role player. Will see eventually how it all plays out. In the meantime, Green has us all hooked again.

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  1. Green was brilliant. Last night may have made this team. There was so much heart.