Monday, March 31, 2014

Jeff Green finishing the season the wrong way, the Jeff Green way

Yes, I have excepted that Jeff Green won't be a superstar anytime soon. That doesn't mean he can't play a little better than he has as of late. If your still holding onto this guy being a stud or a star in the NBA, than you haven't been paying attention to the facts. I won't go into a great big Jeff Green rant. I think it's a bit played out, and I'm frankly over it. I just wanted to point out some numbers, and then I'll give it a rest.

Jeff has averaged 12 points a contest during the Celtics 5 game losing streak. He's shooting 38% from the field, and 38% from three. Green has only taken 3 free throw attempts in the past 5 games, with 0 attempts in the past 4 games. Since Green's 39 point performance against the Pelicans.

Green has averaged 11.5 points per game in the past 7 games, after the 39 point game. Before his recent fall, he was playing decent ball, or at least more consistent basketball. I think Green has checked out, and maybe the Celtics brass will on Green this coming summer.


  1. IF he wants to be a star, he needs to spend a lot of time this summer working out with Rondo. That's the key for him, it seems to me. He can give Rondo a lot of what Rondo needs - a finisher near the rim, a slasher/cutter, a spot-up shooter --- but it works when two guys really get into each other.

  2. Rondo could take Green to that next level, but Green has never taken that step. There comes a time where you need to realize that a player is who he is. It's like life. If your addicted to food, or if you don't the truth. It's hard for people to change, that's my point. Green has been this way since his rookie year.