Monday, March 17, 2014

Kelly Olynyk emerging as a potential star

A light bulb has went off in Olynyk's head. Something clicked after the All-Star break for him. The stats are a bit misleading, but watching him play since the break has put his growth in prospective. The numbers don't jump out at you, but his approach, and his I.Q has been showcased. Kelly isn't being shy with his abilities. If they shot is there, he's taking it. The shots and playing time will come as Kelly continues to grow even more comfortable.


"You get more experience, you get better," Stevens said. "I think that's just the way it goes. That's the unfortunate part, these guys come out of the draft and the draft is such an overhyped thing. No matter who's in the draft, it's overhyped - that's the one certainty. The expectations are for these guys to just pick up where they left off in college or overseas or wherever the case may be. That's not the case."

Olynyk's shooting has improved, he's shooting 50% from the field in March, and 46% from three this month. Kelly is averaging his highest point total for a month as well. Olynky is averaging 10.6 points in March, three points higher than his season average. Monday nights matchup against Nowitzki has shown Olynyk's growth as a player. Olynyk scored 16 points on 6-of-11 shooting with nine rebounds, an assist and a steal against Dallas. Kelly had a certain spring in his step Monday, and he has generally since All-Star weekend.

According to individual defensive data logged by Synergy Sports. Olynyk allowed only three points on eight defended possessions on Monday night while guarding Dirk. Olynyk spoke with CSNNE'S Abby Chin about his rookie season, and where he stands.

"I think I'm definitely on an upward trend which is a good thing," Olynyk said. "Just trying to come in and work hard every day and improve my game to have it fit the NBA game and NBA style of play. So as long as I keep doing that, I'm on the right path."

My expectations are not too high for Olynyk. I believe he'll be a good pro, for a long time in the NBA. I think he could be a potential All-Star at some point in his career. It's hard to guess at this point. He's a good passer, and he's an aggressive player which is always a good sign. Olynyk has the tools to be a good player in the NBA, and I think his work ethic will decide if he becomes an NBA All-Star.

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  1. Hey may not be the next Dirk, but I like what his potential is.