Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett returning to Boston again this Friday

The return of the former Celtics living legend Paul Pierce was a night that will stick with Celtic fans forever. Pierce was the guy for so long, and he built an unforgettable legacy in Boston. Kevin Garnett didn't spend his entire career in Boston, but at times it feels that he did. The first return will be hard to match. Just like a sequel to a movie.

Seeing them on the parquet floors again will be nice. That's an understatement, but without question the same feelings won't be there Friday night when the Nets come to Boston, or they might be again. I feel like we already gave them a proper salute. I don't expect the same treatment when it comes to a standing ovation again. I do expect a loud garden for the former Celtics.

The Nets walked away with a 85-79 win over Boston in KG and Paul's return. The Nets are now playing .500 basketball, after their win over the Bulls Monday night. With the Nets 29-29, they're the 6th seed in the East, and their just 3 ½ games back of the Raptors for the 3rd seed, and for the Atlantic lead.

The Celtics were still in the playoff mix when Brooklyn came to town, and Rondo had barley just returned. With the Celtics out of the playoff hunt, and with Rondo returning to form. I think this game should still be close and fun.

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  1. The emotion will still be there, but the high from that first game might not be