Saturday, March 8, 2014

Paul Pierce leaves the door open for possible Celtics return

Paul Pierce will be a free agent this coming summer, which leaves the door open for a possible return to Boston. I don't think any fan of the Celtics would frown upon a Paul Pierce return. I think a lot goes into a potential return for the fan favorite. Pierce without a doubt has a couple more years of quality play. But where does he see himself as a player. His role with the Nets right now is somewhat complicated. At the beginning of the year I would say Pierce would have been the 4th option, or maybe the 3rd option depending how Williams plays.

With a season ending injury to Brook Lopez, and with Deron Williams inconsistent because of injuries. Paul has been thrown into the role as the second option, and I don't think that's his role anymore. The question for Pierce is if he wants to mentor a rebuilding team, or does he want to play for a contender. The other question with a possible Pierce return is how will Pierce handle the new captain and leader of the Celtics. A role that Pierce held for 15 years. I actually think he would be able to adapt now. In years past Pierce was not handing that torch over. Now I firmly believe Paul would be cool with Rondo's status as captain.

ESPN Boston

"Yeah, why not?" said Pierce. "Maybe play for them, maybe work for them. Who knows what the future holds?"

"It’s always emotional when you step into this gym that you’ve spent your whole life playing in," said Pierce. "The tribute last time made it so much more emotional and the cheers. But every time I come into this gym, because I always seen the fans and the people who have been around all these years, it’s always going to be emotional because you miss them since you’ve known them so long. Not at the same level it was last time, but it’s always going to be there."

I would like to see Pierce back, as long as it fits the Celtics. If Ainge is able to pull off a wild offseason, which means putting the Celtics back into the mix in the Eastern Conference. Then Pierce could provide a veteran spark that's needed for long playoff run. Like Pierce said, who knows what the future holds. At the end of the day, I feel that Pierce has played his last game in a Celtics uniform. I think most fans have come to terms with that, and sometimes you must keep things the way they are. Paul has moved on, and so have the fans.


  1. I think Pierce could be a guy who comes off the bench as a difference maker in a championship run - not a heavy rotation guy, but a guy who comes off the bench and wins a sixth game for you in an Eastern Conference Finals - that kind of thing. But I think we need to build a more up-tempo team than we were in the Big Three/Big Four/Big Three era. That is, as long as we are building around Rondo, if we are, Danny!

  2. Pierce seems more humble now, and I would love to see him back here. What if both Paul and kevin comeback?? KG bought out by Nets in final year?