Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pierce lends Rondo some advice for the future "stay patient"

Paul Pierce has been in the captains chair before, 15 years to be exact. So he knows a thing or two about being the leader of the Celtics. Especially in the lean years when all hope seems lost in a rebuilding phase. Pierce and Rondo share different paths, but so much alike at the same time.

Pierce seemed like he was wasting his talents playing for a team full of rookies and young guys. Pierce didn't know what the future would hold for him Boston. We all know the rest, Pierce is a champion and Finals MVP because he remained patient with the Celtics.


"Just staying patient," Pierce said. "When you're in the middle of your prime like Rondo is and you're frustrated with the losing, it's about staying patient, staying with the guys, helping them develop, helping them get better."

"At times it's gonna be frustrating. You have to understand that, the position you're in," Pierce said. "At times, things don't go your way. You want it to be ... you want everything to be better right away. You understand it's a process. Danny Ainge understands it's a process. And they have to be on the same page.

Pierce added, "You're an elite player; you're a franchise player. There's constant communication, what they want from each other. You go from there. You build with each other."

Rondo now faces the very same thing that Pierce faced in the 2006-07 season. Will things workout for Rondo like they did for Pierce? Not likely, Ainge is good at what he does for the most part. If Ainge is able to work some magic this summer, then by all means Ainge. I don't know if Rondo catch a break like Paul did in 2007.

I think the intention is there right now, but things change, and Rondo doesn't even know if he'll be a Celtic year to year. I truly hope Ainge works this whole Rondo mess out. I would love to see Rondo playing 5 more years at least in Boston green. Both sides need to show patience, but time is not on our side. Rondo just turned 28, and he's peaking as a player. You need to bank on Rondo's prime if your Danny Ainge. For more reasons than one. Patience is the key, and will see if it plays out well for everyone.


  1. Think of Isiah Thomas - didn't win championships until he was on his downslope, but he was still a great player and he had knowledge and established leadership and a great team had been assembled around him

  2. I guess Thomas did win kind of late in his career.