Saturday, March 22, 2014

Potential Future Plans For The Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are just waiting for the 2013 – 2014 season to end before they start making their moves during the summer. Of course, the team’s attention is currently pointed towards the 2014 NBA Draft, which is considered to be one of the best ones of the last decade. With several potential stars and franchise players included in the 2014 rookie class, the C’s could be fortunate enough to land a player who can make the difference next season and the ones that follow. But which are the team’s plans for the future, apart from drafting a quality player? How will Danny Ainge continue with the rebuilding of the team? Which players will the Celtics keep and which ones will they send away?

First and foremost, the Celtics really need a center and that’s exactly what the team will try to find this summer, either through the draft or through the free agency. The C’s have several power forwards which could be continue to defend the position, like Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass or Kevin Olynyk, even Kris Humphries if he agrees to sign a much lower contract than the one he currently has. One center whom the Celtics could draft this summer and solve their center issues is Joel Embiid from the University of Kansas. However, Embiid is currently injured and that will certainly cost him for the upcoming draft. This, of course, could work in Boston’s favor, since this could be a way for the Celtics to get chance to draft him.

Danny Ainge And Rajon Rondo If the Celtics don’t find the answer they are looking for their center spot through the draft, they will have to look in the market. A bunch of capable centers will be available this summer so it will be in the hand of Danny Ainge to make his move. It still remains a mystery if the President of Basketball Operations wants to go even deeper with the rebuilding process of the team or if he’ll chose to make some quick moves to put the team into a winning course once again.

Rajon Rondo is another hot topic of discussion for the Celtics. The superstar point guard just recently stated that he wouldn't mind taking a pay cut or re-signing with Boston and even retiring as a Celtic, which is kind of surprising. On the one hand, Rondo could really be devoted to the team and he might actually do anything in his powers to help the team become competitive once again. However, there is a chance Rondo simply doesn’t want to create much of a buzz in Boston and he is just waiting for his contract to expire, after the end of the 2014 – 2015 season. The truth is that as of now, the Celtics are planning to re-build their team around Rajon Rondo and many times Danny Ainge has stated that Rondo will not be a part of a trade.

There is a bunch of other moves the C’s are focusing on. The team currently has several big fat contracts, which it will try to dump one way or another next season. There is simply no other way out of this slump. Thankfully, Humphries’s contract expires this summer and so does the one of Keith Bogans. However, the C’s will still have to find a way to trade away Gerald Wallace, who has two more years and $20 million left in his contract. If they do, this will give a big relief to the team’s cap, but the success of such a trade would depend on the exchange the Celtics will be able to receive. Re-signing Avery Bradley will also be another priority for the team. Bradley will be a restricted free-agent this summer and he will certainly draw much interest from a bunch of teams around the league. The Celtics are projected to try and match the offers other teams around the league will throw on the table for Bradley. However, if he ends up being too expensive for Boston, they might just let him go. Bradley is earning $2.5 million this season.

The Boston Celtics have two first-round draft picks in the upcoming, star-loaded draft, their own and the one from the Brooklyn Nets or the Atlanta Hawks, if Atlanta chooses to swap its own with Brooklyn. So, it will be very important for the Celtics to go ahead and use their picks the best way. The C’s have to make the difference this summer.

If the Celtics decide to spend much this summer and try to become competitive next season, they could try to chase big men like Anderson Varejao, Zach Randolph and even Greg Monroe, who will be a restricted free agent but the Detroit Pistons don’t seem eager to overpay him. Of course, the C’s might have to try and perform a trade or two, if they really want to quickly shake things up. Of course, Danny Ainge will have to get creative, as the Celtics don’t have than many assets, apart from Rondo, who we assume he won’t get traded and Jeff Green. The Celtics should feel happy if they manage to find a way to trade away Gerald Wallace, Vitor Faverani or Joel Anthony. However, it won’t be easy for the Celtics to find a team to trade any of those players to.

The certain fact is that the Boston Celtics should be active this summer. The team needs lots of changes, they need to shake things up and there is no other way to achieve a better course next season, if they don’t perform those much needed changes. The draft night will surely be a very important one for the C’s. However, the team has several more concerns. Hopefully, the Celtics fans will once again start to have interest in their team next season.

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  1. IF Sully can become more powerful, less fat and more muscular, he can be our center. we do need length and rim protection, but it doesn't have to come from our center.

    Wallace doesn't have to be traded. He's a good role player. His contract hurts, so maybe if we get a chance to trade him we do, but he gives a lot of value as a wily veteran

  2. Werkshop, less fat? I thought you didn't mind the junk in the trunk from Sully. I do agree with you though.

  3. My point, Greg, is that I don't so much want him to lose weight as to change fat to muscle. What he lacks is the ability to win position battles against some of the league's monsters. Heinsohn did a good job of showing how easily Blaatch was dominating him for position. I think that if Sully gains power, he can win those battles consistently.

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