Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rajon Rondo keeping his head up, despite Celtics 6th 50 loss season in team history

This will be a season that Rondo will want to forget. It's a season that Rondo has used to find his way back. Rondo wants to win at everything. But I think his true focus is on getting his footing back. The Celtics have only had 6, 50 loss seasons in team history. Rajon Rondo happened to be on the last 50 loss season in 2006-07. Rondo was asked about the 2006-07 team, and his response?

"That was eight years ago. You try to put those things, that season, away. I don’t think much about that season. I think about the following season and they years behind those. I cant really remember 06, just remember I didn’t play a lot."

Rondo was a rookie, and played behind Delonte West and others that year. Thankfully Ainge didn't budge and deal him with the others in the KG deal in 2007.

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