Monday, March 31, 2014

Rajon Rondo not discouraged with Celtics losing streak

How many humiliations will the Celtics have to go through before the losing streak comes to an end? Well, the Celtics shouldn't feel humiliated, and we know Rondo doesn't feel discouraged with the Celtics current losing streak. The Celtics have been a play or two away from winning these games. But late game execution, and just lack of chemistry to some degree has hurt the Celtics chances in these close games.

"It’s a little déjà vu, but I’m not discouraged at all. You could look at it a couple different ways, but we hate losing. We got to find a way eventually to win some of these games. They’re very winnable. Were just not closing the games the right way."

"We just got to be better offensively and defensively. We need to be able to adjust on the fly. There’s going to be nights like that and theres not going to be nights like that, but we just have to continue to get better execution wise on both sides of the floor."

The Celtics will be without their captain against the Bulls in Chicago Monday night. I don't expect the Celtics to snap their skid without Rondo. One key stat in the month of March for Rondo is this. He averaged 11.1 assists, and he had the best total out of any player in the NBA. You can debate all you want. Should Rondo become an aggressive scorer, or shouldn't he. I would have to say with this roster. That Rondo should be the guy taking more shots than he normally has in years past.

Rondo did attempt 13 shots, which was second compared to Jeff Green's 17 attempts. Rondo did lead all scores for Boston with 17 points, off of 7-of-13 shooting. A lot of the three's, and jumpers that he missed looked great, and many of them just rimmed out. Agree with me or not. Rondo's a big game scorer in "big games". It's who he is, and I don't know if he'll ever change that. Rondo's career high was in the Eastern Conference Finals, when he scored 44 against the Heat.

I don't know if will see that from Rondo in the final weeks on the 2013-14 season. And honestly I don't think Rondo will ever lead the Celtics in scoring, and frankly I don't want him to do that. I would like to see a few more attempts and a few more points. I can live with Rondo scoring 17 points, and taking 13 attempts on an average night. With this crew, I would like to see more from Rondo down the stretch. He's done it a couple of times this year, in a couple of Celtic wins. So, I crave for more of that from him. Will see if he feeds my craving in the final games.


  1. 17 points would be fine, though i can see Rondo being a big time scorer at some point in his career. It's really amazing that Rondo has been assisting so well considering he's passing to people who constantly bobble his passes, struggle to finish, pass up the shots he sets up for them, brick shots, take all day to gather for a shot, etc., etc.. I'm not dismissing the great guys on this team, but none of them are ideal for Rondo at this point - he'll have to mold-em!

  2. Your right werkshop. Sully is good, and Kelly has been improving all season. But those two have issues catching clean passes from Rondo. Green has issues at times to when it comes to catching alley opp passes. Rondo with another star player and another boderline star player will be considered elite again. Chris Paul should averaging 15 plus assists a game. I know Rondo would with those weapons.