Monday, March 31, 2014

Rajon Rondo says during commentating debut "You have to be a leader every day"

Rondo articulated on TV nicely, and he didn't seem overwhelmed by any means sitting alongside Mike Gorman during Monday nights Bulls game. I think he gets an "A" for effort, but the biggest takeaways came from Mike Gorman's questions during the broadcast.


"Well being the older guy on the team or one of the oldest guys on the team, I have to be more vocal," Rondo told Mike Gorman on CSNNE's broadcast of Celtics-Bulls. "The last couple years I've been able to stay behind KG or Paul and listen to those guys talk, but now this year my role has gotten bigger like it has each year as I've been in the league eight years.

"So just continue to talk and also try to lead by example. Try to get out there and be the first one on the floor, stay in the weight room, continue to get better and encourage my teammates to do the same."

Rondo's trying, and his efforts are noticed. Rondo's trying to shake the image of bad guy. In all honesty Rondo shouldn't have to do that, but thankfully it's natural for Rondo to do things out of his comfort zone. Like trying to do his part as a broadcaster. Rondo may not be the exact leader that KG and Pierce were. But he's a leader, and in time will see how it all works out for Rondo and the Celtics.


  1. i'd like to see him lead this summer by staying in Boston

  2. Yep, stay in the gym, set up a training camp with the guys like he did a couple years ago.