Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rick Carlisle believes Danny Ainge can turn the Celtics around quickly

There's a breathless moment that many of us can take into account during our lives. Dreams we had during the days as a youth. Those dreams are long gone for many of us. There was always a plan "B", or even a plan "C" in certain circumstances when our dreams changed into something unreal. I would love for Danny Ainge to rub on his magic lamp again. I think most fans assume, and count me as one of them, that believe Ainge will magically rebuild this team in a blink of an eye. The Mavericks head coach believes Ainge could pull it off again.

From the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett:

"Well, you know, they have a plan that they’re executing, and they have a vision of what they want to do,” the Mavericks coach said before Monday's 94-89 win against the Celts. “They’ve got a great young coach who’s going to be there a long time. And Danny (Ainge) has turned that team over once already into a championship team, and did it in very short order. They went from being a deep lottery team to winning the title the next year. So I know they’ll get it turned around quickly."

Is it okay that I feel a little dark, as if the moon gave no light to the night sky. Just darkness in my mind, a starless sky that seems never ending when your team starts over. A rebuilding process leaves fans humbled maybe, or just like a 30 point blowout at home. Fans start to walkout on their team. I think many of us wish and hope for Ainge to pull off the band-aid quick.

This season has slowly become unglued by each passing day. I can feel the wound tear and open again. Sometimes I fear that Ainge cant put it back together, and he'll need some kind of super glue to keep it from tearing more and more. As much as I hate Ainge sometimes. He's a mad man, wanting to have the best team in the world. I continue to dream that Rajon Rondo is apart of this dream, and I think his part in all of this will only help the Celtics sooner, rather than later.


  1. This team is better than its record. Let's remember how it looked to us this summer - like a team packed with pretty good players, but not proportioned well, and whose star was going to be out most of the season. It looked like a team designed to lose, and that's what it has turned out to be. But it's talent level is better than it's record showd, not becaue of lack of effort

  2. Thats true werkshop, this team has been on the verge of so many wins. Next season, regardless of who Danny brings in.. This tteam will be better, another year of playing together.