Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rondo in Blue

Rondo and the team really made the Haters and Tankers look good last night.  Once again, Rondo's stats were ok, and he made some good plays, but the whole team seemed to be underwater - with the exception of Olynyk - and that was led by Rondo.  You can see that Rondo really just wants to disappear some nights.  To his credit he eventually did try to attack the basket last night, with an eye towards not only scoring, but also towards opening things up for others.  By then it was too little too late.

 I've said many times that I think Rondo has to establish his game early as an aggressive, attacking game, and then everything else in the offense has a better chance to open up once that is established.    I think this was true during the later Big Three era too.  He doesn't have to score a bunch of points early in every game, but he has to show the other team that they need to respond to  him as a scoring threat.  Sometimes it's painfully obvious when Rondo's head isn't in the game.  He constantly walks the ball  up the floor and starts the offense late;  it's ok to do that sometimes, but not all the time.  On defense, he isn't attacking the passing lanes, etc., and his man roasts him all night.    The whole team was bad, but that comes down to the leader to some extent.

I felt sick after the game.  It's funny how the play of one's favorite player affects one.  If he does well, you feel a little extra energy.  If he seems completely out of it, you feel a little less energy and enthusiasm as you go about whatever.  It's the same with favorite musicians, etc..  Rondo had the blues after the game last night, and so did his fans.  

Some days are just like that.  For reasons that aren't always clear, Golden State and Curry came in playing great ball, and the Cs came out flat, and the result was a blowout that seemed like it could have been 60 points.  There's another game, and hopefully we'll see more energy from Rondo and from the team..  Part of being a leader, though, is that when you take the night off, the whole team probably will.

It was good to see Olynyk and Rondo trying to make something happen together.


  1. They were awful, lacking energy and pride. Stevens has some work to do to get these guys on board again.

  2. I made this drawing yesterday for the article I planned to write after the game, which I was hoping would be celebratory, and I was surprised that it turned out so sad, but I understood after the game. It matched my mood and Rondo's mood too, judging by the post-game interview session that Shawn posted. You are so right, Greg. They seemed to have forgotten everything. As Heinsohn pointed out, interestingly, they seemed very confused about whether they were fighting through picks or switching. That's part of the reason Golden State tore them to shreds. As I recall, the roller ended up wide open often, with two guys chasing the ballhandler. Man I don't understand why the know-it-alls disrespect Heinsohn so much. He's a very good color guy. He knows the game. So what that he gets a little crazy about players like Stiemsma sometimes.

  3. Nice work Paul, hit some great points. The interview was Rondo upset. Brad Stevens felt the Celtics had a good practice, in the video Rondo said no it wasn't. Some back and forth going on?

  4. That's a good point, Celtics Nation. I've been reading a book about Ted Williams and about his complicated struggles with the media and with the team. High level talent usually comes with complications. How creatively people choose to work through those complications makes most of the difference, I think. Rondo seems to be a lot like Williams. Brashness, obsessiveness, willfulness, difficulty relating to others at times - these seem to be some shared qualities. Got to hope Rondo takes the bull by the horns. IF he plays brilliantly and hard, it will be impossible for the brass to resolve things the cheap way, by saying that Rondo is the problem. Sure,he's a problem, but he's also a solution.