Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rondo says "pick your poison", teams paying the price for improved jumper

Hallucinations are not real. Yes that was something a little different, not what your accustomed to seeing. Some have stood there and stared at Rondo, with a blankness on their face that describes one thing. Rondo just came up and nailed a jumper right in their face.

Rondo has always been the type of player that wants to pull the weight of the world on his shoulders. Having a nice shooting stroke will get Rondo there. Rondo kind of reminds me of a beautiful woman who's still not married at 33 years old. Sometimes you ask what's wrong? They have the looks, they have a great sense of humor, and their overall a great person. But one flaw sets them back, for whatever reason they haven't taken the next step.

For Rondo he's there. The car has been parked, and the door has been knocked on. Rondo has arrived, and all of his hard work is starting to become a reality. Rondo hasn't completed his journey just yet. He's found the passing, rebounding, and he's Rondoing in many ways. The scoring, and the jumper has been a slow process. Just when you think he's turned the corner. He's out of his groove. He's confident, and that confidence needs to be up front and center. His confidence must grow with his new toy.

ESPN Boston

As Rondo said, "pick your poison." Coach Brad Stevens echoed that sentiment last week in Brooklyn.

"I don’t think it’s a lack of respect, but sometimes you pick your poison, just like we do, with a really good player," Stevens said. "I think you are seeing that more and more, that they’re going over because he is also good at getting them lower when they go under, and our guys, our bigs, are doing a really good job -- twice as good of a job as we were earlier in the season -- of setting the right angles on their screens."
“It’s kind of like, pick your poison,” Rondo told the Boston Globe. “But for the most part, for my entire career, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but teams have to continue to probably go under [the screens] because, if you go over, there’s no way you can probably defend me."

If you read the article by Chris Forsberg. The numbers are there for Rondo. The results are in, and Rondo has provided a glimpse of the future if he's able to grow as a shooter. He's right there, just so close to show everyone wrong. Hey may not master shooting the ball in the final 12 games this year. But next year confidence will be a focal point for Rondo. I suggest you look at the stats.


  1. Not impressed with Rondo's shooting at all .

  2. There comes a moment when everything clicks. I think that moment is coming for Rondo

  3. I like what I've seen, and I don't really care about the numbers.

  4. I would have to agree, the numbers mean very little to me right now when you look at shooting percentages. I do feel like Rondo's free throw shooting hasn't been fixed though.

  5. I think Rondo should stay in Waltham over the summer

  6. Brad Stevens needs to change the locks, and that's the end of the story.