Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rondo shoulders the blame for Celtics loss against Pacers

A true leader will accept failure, only to learn and to grow. Rondo has blamed himself for the Celtics, 94-83 loss to Indiana. I think statistically Rondo wasn't up to his standards, but his effort in the 4th quarter is what leaders do.

Rondo had four points and three assists over the first four minutes of the fourth quarter, helping to cut an eight-point deficit to one. Rondo was attacking the Pacers, but unfortunately nobody on the Celtics had it going. Humphries did, but Brad Stevens elected to play Bass and Sullinger of Kris. That's just a miss on Stevens.

Rondo went up against the leagues best defensive team, and the outcome was somewhat predictable. The Celtics shot 35%, and the Celtics went from a season-high 38 assists, to just 16 against the Pacers. The lanes were closed, and Rondo was unable to do what he pleased. The effort was there, and Rondo showed fight regardless of the failures that this game showcased.

"I wasn't as effective as I wanted to be," Rondo told reporters after the loss. "I still think I could have dominated the game better," Rondo said.

"I have to take this on myself as far as a loss," Rondo said. "I could have did a lot more intangibles out there, try to get to the line ... but we came up short."

Rondo couldn't follow up his magical 18-0 performance, but he tried against the Pacers. He was 4-of-15 from the field, but the bigs irritated every attempt, and once Rondo gets his legs back, those floaters, and the close shots inside will fall. The bottom line is that Rondo can't make Jeff Green make a shot, and he can't make Jared Sullinger taller. Rondo worked with what he had, and it was a gritty game that the young Celtics weren't ready for.

Video from CSNNE


  1. I hope Rondo does't become discouraged. The shots are going to fall. Work with Adams some more. Keep working on your moves. Be patient. It's going to come.

  2. Once he continues to get his legs back, then those shots will fal.. hes got everything else going, except the ability to knock down some of his old shots in the paint.