Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rondo shows that he is a player that you can build around after near triple-double against Miami

It was one of those nights when Rondo controlled everything without scoring the basketball. That was until the Celtics needed their captain to take the game over when the game was in the balance. Rajon Rondo just missed a triple-double while putting up 9 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds, but dominated the final two minutes of the game like he's done in the past. It was a performance that Rondo can build off of. It was his way. He wasn't something that Bob Ryan wanted him to be, or he wasn't a player that I wanted him to be. He was Rondo, and the performance was a reminder that Rondo can be the best point guard in the game.

The Celtics were hanging to a three-point lead with little more than two minutes to go when Rondo ripped a rebound away from Haslem, forcing a jump ball. Rondo, had no business winning the jump because of the height difference. That didn't stop him, Rondo won the tip then answered with a running bank shot at the other end to put Boston up five. After the Heat cut it back to a one possession game again, Rondo worked down the shot clock and hit another running floater in the final moments to show why he's the best in the game, when he's 100%.

What an epic night in a season that's had some solid moments. But two of the best moments this season, came when Boston beat their old rivals the Heat twice. With a spark of green and white, a whimper, then silence from Miami after Boston handled them. Reflections of our past, lost in thought, and lost in time. The rivalry is back to the start of it's infancy. It's not the same, but if Rondo is still in Boston, and if James and his pals are in Miami. Then this will be a game that Rondo and the Celtics get up for.

Rondo was 4-of-8 from the field, and he hit 3 of his shots in the 4th, for 6 of his 9 points. Rondo gets a lot of crap thrown on him, because people call him a stat junkie. He could have easily pressed to get the triple-double, but he didn't go down that road. Rondo played 10 minutes in the 4th quarter. But he didn't start scoring until the final minutes. He wanted to beat Miami, and I'm sure he just wanted to win this game no matter who was on the other side. Rondo played this game to win, and the two floaters were there for Rondo to take. He made it happen when it needed to be done.

This season hasn't been one to tell your kids or grandchildren about. But we've seen great maturity from Rondo, despite some of the road blocks along the way. Rajon's performance against Miami is a taste of what will be with Rondo as the future of the Boston Celtics. He's talented, and he's still racking up the assists without Pierce and KG. Give him a couple more star players, then I think you have a contender.

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  1. Nice work man. Rondo is legit, and anyone still hung up on him not being a building block needs to go away.

  2. Rondo is a nobody without the Big Three.

  3. Rondo can lead this team to victory. Think what he can do with start talent.