Monday, March 31, 2014

Rondo wasn't able to show true self during his time as commentator, but otherwise he did a fine job

Rondo said a few times "no comment" during his broadcasting debut alongside Mike Gorman. Rondo was likely coached on what to comment on, and in some ways Rondo wasn't able to be himself. It felt more like an interview by Gorman.

ESPN Chris Forsberg

Rondo shined in the second quarter while breaking down one of Boston's offensive sets, detailing the weaving nature of the play and how coach Brad Stevens anticipated how Chicago would "tag on the cut" and leave a weakside shooter open. Rondo offered high praise for the likes of Joakim Noah ("He pretty much fills up the stat sheet; he reminds me a little bit of myself") and even Kirk Hinrich (the two had a pretty memorable run-in during the 2009 playoffs, but Rondo said he "love[s] playing against him.")

Rondo was guarded at times, likely told by Boston brass to avoid saying too much, and his dry wit didn't shine through as much as it could have. But he kept you glued to the broadcast, even as the Celtics would let the game slip away in the final quarter en route to their fifth straight loss and 10th defeat in 11 tries.

Rondo did articulate well, and he did warm up in the second quarter. I think he was held back a bit from (cough!! Ainge), or whoever controls the Celtics public relations. On some of the questionable plays, Rondo wouldn't bite on commenting on the bad calls. The NBA loves hitting his check book, and I get that. It was fun watching Rondo, and it's great he gave Gorman a ton of props after the game.

"He’s probably the best at what he does," Rondo said of Gorman. "All the things that you don’t see on camera that he’s doing, he’s doing about 90 things in one minute behind the scenes."

Rondo was asked if he had realized how much work and preparation went into a broadcast.

"I didn't realize it, but Mike is so good at it, he makes it look easy and it’s not," Rondo said.

Reflecting on the experience, Rondo added: "It’s just something I wanted to do. I did it for the fans, I did it for my team, it’s something different; not a lot of guys do it currently while playing. I thought it would be OK to give it a shot. Like I said, I wasn’t playing the back-to-back, and I was traveling with the team, so why not?"

There are only eight games left in the season, but two more back-to-backs loom. Would Rondo take another crack at broadcasting?

"I’ll have to talk to my lawyers, my agent, my coaching staff, my general manager -- see how it goes from there," Rondo said. Later he added, "It's a possibility. If the broadcast wants me back on, then we’ll see."


  1. Rondo has a lot of talent, and it's not just in basketball. Remember that little skit he did during the GQ video, the one where he is carrying bags and cups of coffee and can't get into the office door because his hands are full? What a natural flair for physical comedy he has.

  2. It's a shame we didn't see that side often during the two quarters he was out there. I'm sure Rondo will do better once he's retired.

  3. I thought he did a great job, especially for a first time. I hope he does it again.