Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rondo's leadership not tarnished after media storm

Rondo decided not to accompany the Celtics to Sacramento for a game last Saturday, choosing to stay in Los Angeles instead to celebrate his birthday with his family and friends. The decision raised some eyebrows from the local media, especially after Rondo refused to talk about it with them, and reports indicated that Ainge wanted to meet with him regarding the issue. Old news, and as I said in my article yesterday. I'm done with the media part of it all. So what about Danny's final thoughts on the Rondo matter.

"I've been around a lot of leaders and leaders make a lot of mistakes," Ainge said. "Mistakes don't disqualify you from being a leader."

Rondo can be a great and bold player.Quitting is not an option for the confident point guard from Kentucky. Does Rondo lead by example? Yes, and no, Rondo's passing has caught on with so many of his teammates when he's on the floor with them. Rondo's defense on the other hand isn't Garnett like. KG had everyone engaged on the defensive end, and if you weren't, he'd let you hear about it.

A leader motivates everyone that's willing to listen. Is Rondo the type of leader that can control a room. Is Rondo a vocal leader, who can force teammates into buying schemes and systems. That's a question that hasn't been fully answered. Rondo has shown that he can lead a basketball team with extraordinary mental and physical energy. Rondo's leadership comes through power of will, and through pure love of basketball.

Rondo isn't the text book version of a leader. His drive to win, and his hatred of losing has pushed him into leading the Boston Celtics. Danny Ainge is calling Rondo a leader, he hasn't changed the lines to the script for Rondo. Danny Ainge was speaking like a true politician about his conversation and feelings on Rondo. Believe Ainge or not. But his comments are true.

"First of all, leaders make mistakes," said Ainge who declined to say whether Rondo was fined. "And I'm not saying Rondo made a mistake in this particular instance, but leaders in general do make mistakes. All of us learned something from this, and as I said earlier, we're moving on."

What Rondo did was wrong on some level, but I think it was blown up as if this happened in the playoffs. I think communication failed all parties, and it sounds like this is over. This Rondo story will reach a climax, but who will forget about this? Will this be a story that will push Rondo out of Boston as I said Friday.

One of Rondo's final steps as the captain and leader of the Celtics. Rondo will have to work harder than his subordinates, or teammates. He will have to delegates and trust his teammates. Rondo will have to remain focused on his goals, and he'll have to stay the course on those goals. A virtue that every team needs. Because this is a team that feeds off of Rondo. Someone that signifies confidence. Someone that players follow, that's Rondo.

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  1. RR always gets thrown under a bus by the media... we don't care, haters gon hate!!