Thursday, March 6, 2014

Should Avery Bradley sit out the rest of the season?

Avery Bradley has missed 9 games in a row, and 10 of his last 11 games. Avery Bradley has only played in 3 games since January 22nd, missing 15 out of his last 18 games. Both ankles have bothered Bradley, and with the Celtics sitting at 20-41, and well out of the playoff hunt. Maybe it's time to rest Bradley.

Bradley has been an injury prone player in his short career in Boston, and it's probably one of the biggest reasons why Ainge and Bradley didn't work out an extension, when they could have. Bradley could be playing his last games as a Celtic, or he might have already. What if the Celtics land a top 5 pick, or even better? They will likely not have a need for Bradley, as they'll focus on a player like Exum or Smart to develop in Avery's spot.

Boston Herald

Avery Bradley, who hasn’t been able to shake injuries and their subsequent surgeries his entire career, at least received some encouraging news today.
The Celtics guard learned that a second MRI taken on Wednesday of his problematic, swollen right ankle was negative.
Though originally diagnosed as a second sprain, the injury is now being called a bone bruise. According to Danny Ainge, the Celtics guard may be two weeks away from returning to action. The time frame marks an increase. The Celtics medical staff’s first two-week prognosis was two weeks ago.
But at least Bradley has been given permission to increase his workouts.

Bradley has shown a great deal of improvement with his jumper, and he's averaging a career-high 14.3 points a night. Avery is well known as being one of the best defensive players in the game. His focus as a player is much more then that. I like Bradley and the potential he brings. But I don't think he's a 7-8 million dollar player. I don't think he's worth that every season.

I don't see a real rush for Bradley's return, only so that he can build chemistry with Rondo. Other then that, I wouldn't mind seeing Bradley missing the rest of the season.

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