Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stevens says Green is not Lebron or Durant, and we know

Green once again, is what he is. A player that's good, but not great. He's not the type of player that will average 25 points in a season, he's a career 15-16 point scorer. He'll never reach great heights, but the thing is, so few do. Green is good at trying. He dueled Lebron last year when he went off for 43 points on one Sunday afternoon.

Green went out in the third quarter Wednesday night with the Celtics in need of something. Green provided that something when he scored 17 points in the frame, but it wasn't enough against New York. Green finished with 27 points, and only 2 of his 27 points came in the 4th quarter. Green had some clutch games last season. He had one this year when he nailed an impossible three against Miami earlier in the year.

Green just had a 27 point game. That was against the Pistons Sunday. If you look at Green's scoring throughout the season, it's up and down, up and down. Inconsistent is the word that always comes to mind when you talk about him. Green is not a go-to guy, but he is a player that you need. Maybe the price tag is hard to swallow, but he may provide something special down the line.

"Well, yeah, I mean I think there’s a lot of guys that aren’t going to score 27 a night that have capability, that have that ability to do so on a given night. I think that that’s not unique to the league; I think the league is full of guys like that. I think that’s really what separates the Carmelos of the world and the (Kevin) Durants and the LeBrons (James) is they can do it every, every single night. But that’s not a knock on Jeff; that’s a compliment to those other guys and I think he’s been playing pretty well.

He did not shoot it well yesterday, but I thought he took the challenge of guarding Paul George exceptionally well, especially from the last time we played the Pacers. He did a great job. Today, we could never really get him switched onto Anthony because he was always a foul away from being on the bench. So he was on there for maybe a play or two, but didn’t guard Carmelo much and I would’ve liked to have seen more of that, probably. But the way that they were set up, too, he was at the four – shoot, he was at the five – for a few possessions. So that was really hard to match Jeff, our three up, because then our fours and fives really have nobody to guard."

The Celtics know what Green is, and I think all of us continue to except it. Green was not in the mix in the 4th when the game was in the balance, but to be fair. The Celtics would have been blown out by 30 without Green's heroics in the third. Despite all the inconsistency from Green. I've liked the connection that Rondo and Green have forged. It's not perfect, but they show glimpses of Worthy and Magic. Rondo has the ability to make players better, and maybe Green will reach higher with a full season with Rondo. Will see..

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