Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stevens wants more of the "right shots" from the Celtics

Confidence can be the greatest tool in life. When your an NBA player, it can make or break your career. Some players don't put themselves out there, and some don't give a damn about their coaches orders. Stevens seems okay with his guys taking the shots when they come up. What an adrenaline rush when you play like Avery Bradley, nailing 8-of-8 in the second quarter Friday night in Brooklyn. That's Bradley playing at a peak confidence.

Stevens biggest thing right now is the young frontcourt duo. Olynyk and Sully have the range and the ability to score. But confidence is key, along with taking the right shot, which comes with confidence in the NBA.


"Take the right shot in that possession," Stevens said. "Take what's the best opportunity in that possession."
"I'm just trying to basically take what the defense gives me," Olynyk said. "If they give me open shots, I have to take them."

Although there are some who believe Sullinger needs to spend more time playing around the rim, he remains confident that balancing his perimeter-shooting with being an inside presence, is what's best for both him and the Celtics.

"I'm trying to stay positive and help this team win," Sullinger said recently.

And his desire to be an inside-outside scorer is strongly supported by his head coach who said the two had a recent discussion about the matter.

"The bottom line is you need to play confidently and shoot confidently," Stevens recalled telling Sullinger.

And while the numbers suggest that Sullinger might need to curtail his long-range shooting agenda, that's just not going to happen.

"I'm taking shots that I know I can knock down," Sullinger said. "I just have to keep shooting, get into a little rhythm and go from there."

Stevens wants Sullinger shooting three's, but some don't like it, and I honestly don't know. I think it's a great weapon to have, but sometimes I feel like it's overkill with Sully jacking three's. Sullinger has only made 24.1 percent from beyond the arc this season. Along with a weak 18% from three in March.

As Sullinger drops, Olynyk has increased his shooting. Overall this season Olynyk hasn't shot the three well(32.2 percent), but he has shown progress this month by nailing 42.1 percent of his three's. If these two are both the future, then one most stay on the block. Can we have both players hanging behind the three-point arc.

"I'm taking shots that I know I can knock down," Sullinger said. "I just have to keep shooting, get into a little rhythm and go from there."

Sullinger will gain confidence, once he believes more in his shooting. Sullinger could become something special if he's able to find the right balance on offense, along with being confident.

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  1. i don't mind Sully shooting threes but I want to see him attacking the low post more