Sunday, March 2, 2014

The talkin' box score: Indiana Pacers – Boston Celtics 102-97

Record: 19-39

I said last time that I wanted my team to leave it all on the floor against the Pacers, and I can’t say the guys didn’t fight last night: with five minutes left on the clock, the game was tied at 90 points.
Looking at the box score, the rebounding looks good, the turnover number is incredibly low, and our shooting percentage could have been much better if it wasn’t for the fourth quarter.
Lots of guys stepped up last night, and after the Pacers tried to go away in the second quarter, we’ve been able to answer right back in the third quarter, finishing up by two points.

Our forwards were pretty efficient last night: Green showed up last night finishing with a team high 27 points to go with 5 rebounds. He’s been pretty consistent throughout the whole game, but especially in the second and third quarter when our team first struggled and then had to pull off strong comeback. Unfortunately, as everybody else on the team, he’s not been able to put the ball in the basket with the same efficiency in the fourth quarter, but this time I really can’t blame him for the loss. Bass also played a pretty good game, finishing with 16 points to go with 5 rebounds and a couple of assists. Bass was our best shooter last night, and he’s been the one that got us going in the first quarter, finishing with 10 points on 5 for 7 shooting in twelve minutes.

Humphries shined once again in the starting spot: Kris finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds with a couple of blocks. There’s no doubt that once Sully will be back for sure, he will have his starting job back, but considering the way he’s playing, Kris could have been a starter in more than one team. We need a guy like him coming off the bench to finally grant us some consistency at the center position.

Rondo played a strong all around game finishing with 12 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds, all the while keeping his turnovers down. His shooting percentage doesn’t look very good, but if that he could have released that three pointer just a fraction of second earlier, we could be here talking about a very different game by now. He tried to fight back Indiana in the last quarter, but no one seemed to be able to score down the stretch, and unfortunately, this time he’s been no exception.
Still, he kept fighting, playing the most minutes since coming back and, as Stevens said, he didn’t want to come out of the game.

Sully was back after missing three games with a mild concussion, and he picked up exactly where he left off, finishing with 10 points and 6 rebound on a 24 minutes effort coming off the bench. Once again, he showed that he’ll never give up, fighting until the very last minute, scoring 6 points to go with 4 boards down the stretch. We’ve really missed Sully in the last couple of games.

There will not be easy games ahead of us, but I hope we can take advantage of some rest and homefield advantage against the warriors and the Nets. 

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