Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Video: Celtics get some extra practice in during 4 day layoff

In years past a four day layoff would have been exactly what the doctor ordered. Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett would have gotten much needed rest. Doc would have taken a mini trip to Orlando, and Rondo would have played connect four until five in the morning. Now we live in a different time. The Celtics did take the weekend off, but they hit the practice floor the past two days gearing up for the final 12 games of the 2013-14 season. A year that some may want to forget, but it's been nice watching a new coach and new players regardless of the record.

The Celtics will see the Raptors in their next two games, the first tilt will take place at home Wednesday night.

ESPN Boston

“Pretty unique,” Stevens said of the back-to-back matchups. “But hopefully we’re to the point sooner rather than later that we’re playing a lot of them that really matter. I think it will be a good thing for our team to have to play against a team, learn through film, learn through walkthrough and then have to go out and play against them again. Two very good teams playing at a very good level, obviously as the 3 and the 4 seeds in the East right now.”

Rajon Rondo echoed Stevens’ thoughts about the benefits of back-to-back games against the same opponent and the opportunity they provide in giving Boston’s young roster a glimpse of the challenges they may face in a playoff series down the road.

“You kind of take it like a playoff game,” Rondo said. “If you play a game once, obviously there isn’t much you can change within a couple days. You just try to do a better job of executing your offensive and defensive schemes. We’ll play Toronto, then we’ll have one day to rest and then go back at it again on the road.”

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