Saturday, March 15, 2014

(Video) Rondo stresses defense, for Celtics success

Rondo has been an All-NBA defensive player, but in recent years. Rondo's defense has been on the decline in some ways. I don't know what it is exactly, but when you watch him play on defense, he allows his guy a path to the basket. KG isn't here anymore to help with a trap, so I don't understand Rondo's constant gambling on the defensive end.

Rondo spoke after Boston's 87-80 loss to the Suns, about the importance of setting the tone with the backcourt on the defensive end. Bradley's return provided a spark, but it failed to provide a win for the Celtics Friday night.

Bradley's comment about defense after the game:
"For sure, defensive end and cuts, that’s what gets me going and I know what kind of player I am and I know it starts on the defensive end first for me."

We know Bradley will give you 100% on the defensive game, it's where he makes his living, and I hope Rondo finds his way back on the other end. He has the ability to guard anyone at his position, but his desire to play as a free safety on the defensive end can hurt the Celtics, as it has in the past. Rondo needs to get back to the simple things on defense, and I know he's able to do that, but can he go back to that. The good news is that Rondo is actually bringing up the defense. He knows how key it is for another banner some day.

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  1. IT's about balance for Rondo - knowing when to stick to his man and knowing when to wander