Saturday, March 15, 2014

(Video) Stevens talks about Celtics late game execution, or lack of

Brad Stevens rough rookie season continued Friday night, when the Celtics let one slip away at home. The Celtics couldn't surpass the Suns in Boston, they failed to execute when it mattered most. The Celtics dropped a close game, 87-80 Friday to the Suns, and it was another loss, in a rebuilding year that hasn't been fun on some nights. This was one of those nights that wasn't so fun.

"We didn’t play with any poise. That was probably the biggest thing. They executed pretty well. Out of the time out, got a foul on the play out of the time out, and then got a three for Jeff (Green) on the ensuing side out-of-bounds play that we didn’t make. And in the scramble for the ball, I didn’t think we played with much poise for the next 40 seconds. I had one time out left, and when (Marcus) Morris dunked it with 24 seconds or so, I wanted to try and get back in transition as quick as possible and save that thing for a last-ditch effort if we were able to score; I should’ve just called time out and stopped it because it was, the last 40 seconds were awful."

Mr.Green had another poor game, after a strong performance against the Knicks where he scored 27 points. He followed that game up with a 9 point, 2-of-14 performance Friday night against the Suns. Without question this was one of the more disappointment losses suffered by this team recently. The final minute of the game was a joke, and it was hard to stomach. The Celtics execution woes will be blamed on the captain I suppose. Rondo only had 1 assist, and just 2 points in the 4th quarter. Not his best work of course, and the only plus is that Rondo had zero turnovers in the 4th quarter.

This loss was a collective issue. The Celtics didn't show trust as a team, and it was there downfall. You wont win if you only have 17 assists. The ball wasn't moving, and I don't know if you can blame that all on Rondo. The ball was sticking all night, and the lack of trust was the story coming out of this game.

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