Friday, March 7, 2014

What can Brad Stevens do with the Celtics from here on out?

The Celtics have 21 games on tap, and they're around 7 games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. That's not even an option or goal right now for the Celtics. It was before the All-Star break in some ways, but the agenda has changed for Boston. With some injuries as of late, like Wallace's season ending knee injury, and Bradley still out with the ankle.

The Celtics were rolling at one point this season. After starting the season 12-14, the Celtics have gone 8-27. The goal is to simply get better as a team, and to keep building a culture. The loss Wednesday night to the Warriors was an eye opener. What does Brad Stevens need to do as a coach. It's hard to read Stevens. I don't recall a coach in the NBA that remains so calm in any situation. The good news from this horrible year is that I don't think it can get any worse. The Celtics may win 5 more games this year, and most fans would hate that. They want the Celtics to lose them all.

The biggest priority for me is the relationship between Rondo and Stevens. I want to see that go somewhere else, and I want to see more from those two as a duo working to restore the Celtics. Of course it would be nice to see Sullinger finishing the season off strong. I feel like he has the most potential to become an All-Star, but will see in time if he'll ever reach that goal. Stevens has endured the bumps and bruises in his first year. He's showing solid signs of a great coach. In time will see where that leads the Celtics.

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