Friday, March 28, 2014

When will Rondo become the Celtics first option on offense?

After Boston's 105-103 loss to Toronto. Brad Stevens explained the Celtics last play of the game, and how it was supposed to be executed.

"Yes, we actually tried to get a misdirect to try and get it right to Sully (Jared Sullinger) for a quick shot and they were very physical and they guarded it well. The second option was (Rajon) Rondo with a slip ball screen and hoped to create confusion on the slip. It did, he had a nice lane and the guy hedging did not foul him. It was (John) Salmons catching back up with him that fouled him. On the last play we were just trying to curl Jeff (Green) over the top and see if he could get something on the backside or if we could get Jeff or Sully popping or get Kelly (Olynyk) lower but Kelly never got there. Again, they played really physical and really well in those moments. Hats off to them."

Rondo the second option? When will Rondo become the first option? Stevens has been brilliant, and I haven't questioned him this season on much. This time I feel like I need to say something. I know that Rondo won't have the ball in his hands on every last play, but I think Rondo had the best chance at a shot with 3 seconds to go in the game. Instead your power forward is throwing up a wild double-clutched jumper as the clock strikes zero.

Since Rondo has returned, I can't count the times that Rondo has had a play called for him at the end of games. Rondo's never been a clutch guy like a Ray Allen or Paul Pierce. But Rondo's had some clutch games through the years. As team captain, Rondo should have the chance to win some games for his team. So will this be a way of life for Rondo as the captain? Will his secondary role in the final moments continue? I think Stevens will give Rondo more chances, but as for this year. The Celtics are down to 10 games with Rondo set to sit out the second night of back-to-backs.


  1. Rondo with 11 points, and that's a high game for him of late? Not enough. Rondo has to figure out how to get the ball into the basket one way or another.

  2. It's time for Stevens to say something to him about it.

  3. I swear to God, the kid is a scorer who doesn't know it and psyches himself out.

  4. It's like Jeff Green. Will he wake up one morning and score 25 points in a season. No, Rondo's always going to be a pass first guy. He needs targets. It just won't happen man.