Sunday, March 9, 2014

With the Celtics mathematically in the playoff chase, don't expect a miracle run to the playoffs by Boston

The Celtics have 20 games remaining in the 2013-14 season. The Celtics are just 5½ games back off the falling Atlanta Hawks. The Celtics are mathematically still in the playoff picture, but it would take a lot of luck, or a damn miracle for the C's to enter the post season. I'm mentally not even worried or focused on that as a fan. I've moved on from the playoffs. The Celtics will square off against Detroit Sunday, a team that they can beat, but after that the Celtics have rough games ahead.

Date Opponent Time
Mar. 11 at Indiana 7:00
Mar. 12 New York 7:30
Mar. 14 Phoenix 7:30
Mar. 16 at New Orleans 6:00
Mar. 17 at Dallas 8:30
Mar. 19 Miami 7:30
Mar. 21 at Brooklyn 7:30
Mar. 26 Toronto 7:30
Mar. 28 at Toronto 7:00
Mar. 30 Chicago 7:00
Mar. 31 at Chicago 8:00
Apr. 2 at Washington 7:00
Apr. 4 Philadelphia 7:30
Apr. 5 at Detroit 7:30
Apr. 9 at Atlanta 7:30
Apr. 11 Charlotte 7:30
Apr. 12 at Cleveland 7:30
Apr. 14 at Philadelphia 7:00
Apr. 16 Washington 8:00

Out of the final 20 games, the Celtics will have 11 games against teams over .500, including two games against Chicago, two against the Wizards, and a big game against Miami and Indiana. I'll make a prediction. I think the Celtics will finish the season 8-12. If fans had their way, the Celtics will finish the season 76ers style.


  1. Tank! Not really, but it happened

  2. CAn't tank - even though at this point it is an appealing option