Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wyc Grousbeck on Stevens " he's a guy that would light himself on fire to win "

Sometimes I can relate with Brad Stevens on some levels. You wouldn't think by his cool, calm, and sometimes minimal levels of emotions, that he would do almost anything to win a basketball game. I don't want to call myself emotionless, but I'm a guy that doesn't show a lot of emotion, despite how I feel inside.

But I still feel, and still have joy, sadness, you get the picture. Stevens is very passionate about basketball, and when he's out there coaching, he's just so calm and I'm sure it's great for the players to deal with such a calming force. At times you forget how much this guy wants to win. Phil Jackson was the same way at times.

By making the trade, the Celtics essentially made themselves a bad team this season. The record shows that much, too.

"I had hoped for a better record than this, I know Brad Stevens had hoped for a better record for sure, because he's a guy that would light himself on fire to win even a quarter of the game much less the whole game," Grousbeck said. "So we're about winning around here. It's not happening for us this year, but we're going to take a long-term view."

The Celtics will come around, and that's because the ownership will allow Ainge to spend money to win. They want another banner, they want the Celtics to continue their reign over the NBA. Brad Stevens seems to have the right attitude for the job. Rondo and Stevens go well together, because Rondo loves to win, and they both are more alike than we know. We don't know if their partnership will last, but I think it's key that they continue to communicate. Because they both need each other, so nobody catches on fire.

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