Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ainge on this offseason: "I’m going to try to blow off some fireworks"

Ainge seems determined to re-haul the Celtics this summer. But at the same time, Ainge won't strike a deal that sets the Celtics back. I don't know what he'll do, but if last summer is any indication. Then we can expect something big this summer. Ainge has had big summers one way or another since 2007.

ESPN Boston

"I’m going to try to blow off some fireworks, but I have to be patient as well and we have to make sure that we don’t do deals just to do deals," Ainge said Thursday during his weekly call to Boston sports radio 98.5 the Sports Hub. "We have to do the right deals. Those are a lot harder than most people think or believe or understand. I’m not making any promises, we have a busy summer ahead of us, and there's a lot of different directions we could go."

The Celtics were quiet at the February trade deadline, but Ainge noted how the team did much of its work a month earlier with two swaps. Even still, he said those conversations in February, while they didn't bear any additional deals, might have helped lay the groundwork for what's possible in June or July.

"I think that the the groundwork has been laid, potentially for some deals this summer. But no guarantees," said Ainge. Asked what the areas of need were for his team, Ainge added: "We need quality players. I would just say, one of our weaknesses has been a closer and rim protection -- those have been two of our weaker spots in the course of this year. But, listen, I’ve seen a lot of teams react and fill those needs at the expense of something else. It’s just not that easy that you can go find those weaknesses, or we’d obviously have them. A closer is obviously a really really hard to find."