Thursday, April 10, 2014

Avery Bradley showing reasons why Boston should bring him back, despite injury history

Can Avery Bradley stay healthy? That's the only concern that I have with Bradley's pending free agency this summer. I guess that's not the only concern. Another area is the price tag. If Bradley played in 80-90 percent of his games, then I would say sign the kid without a second thought. Avery Bradley and Rondo played well together Wednesday night, and it left a great feeling for me. Avery Bradley has scored over 20 points in three of his last seven games. With one of those games being a game where he played just 14 minutes after injuring his Achilles.

Bradley was on point finishing 4-of-4 from three against the Hawks for a team-high 24 points. Rondo finished with 19 points, along with 12 assists. Many of those assists were to Bradley. Bradley is a gamble for Boston this coming summer, but one that could pay off. I've been on record saying the Celtics should be cautious with Bradley's potential contract. Jeff Green is the leading scorer for Boston, and Green has had huge games all season. But Bradley when healthy is the most consistent scorer for the Celtics.

Bradley has potential, and that's because of his work ethic. Bradley has improved greatly on the offensive end, his shot is wonderful, and his dedication has shown. I think his dedication could be the key in curving his injury history. I still think AB's cap is 7 million, and the lowest you can go is 5 million a season. We know Joe Dumars isn't around to over pay him. So maybe the Celtics have a chance to get him for the right price.

There is so much potential with Rondo and Bradley. Avery is young enough to remain healthy long term. I hope he's able to for his sake, and for the Celtics sake if they bring him back.

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  1. Rondo and Avery working on their shooting together this summer