Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bird vs Lebron, and without a doubt Bird was better in his prime

Larry Bird played in one of the toughest era's in history. Bird's stats and his career overall was hurt, because he was hurt in the last years of his career. James is a freakish player, mainly because of his stature and what he's able to do. But that doesn't mean he was better than Lebron. Who's the lady in the video? She's so scarred throughout the video, she sounds nervous, and not very confident in her answers.

Okay, she says Lebron should take the last second shot over Bird. Are you serious? Bird is one of the most clutch players of all-time. James has built the reputation of passing off the last second shot. James has recently played well in big games. Like game six in Boston during the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals. But Bird is mentally confident, and James early on showed lack of being clutch and mentally sound.

Bird had to go through Jordan, Isiah Thomas, and lets not forget the 76ers with Erving. James had to go through who after the Celtics aged? Bird also had to face the Lakers who were loaded from top to bottom. Stat's wise Bird is nearly equal to James. Bird just showed so much smarts and toughness that James has yet show. I don't think I need to discuss this topic anymore. Bird over James, until James wins a few more titles.


  1. Larry Bird was by far the better shooter, better than any shooter I've ever seen, and it's not just perimeter shooting. As a rebounder, he was like a top center. As a passer he was on a different level. Lebron is the kind of passer who makes smart passes to take advantage of the openings his presence makes. He's one of the best ever at that. Bird was a playmaker, and made passes based on his ability to see the patterns and rhythms of the game in a way no one else could. He was, in some ways, as good a passer as Rajon, and Rajon is the best playmaker I've ever seen. Lebron is way better as a one-on-one defender, but Bird was a better as a team defender. But what can one say - Lebron has been the closest thing that the league maybe has ever seen to a one-man team. It's hard to argue past that. He's gotten a lot of help from the refs, but every top player does.

  2. Agree werkshop. James has Bird as a defender. You had a nice cut down. He's had plenty of help from shady teammates and refs.