Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boston media still attacking Rondo after skipping game in Sacramento, but not everyone

What a surprise, after a positive Rondo moment, after he took on a new challenge being a commentator during the Bulls game. Rondo's past is brought up once again. Gary Tanguay, one of Rondo's biggest haters, is at it again. Why does this need to be brought up again? This one action (Rondo missing Kings trip) has no baring on his leadership. It was a mistake, a lack of communication. It was the way of life in the Doc era, and now it's not. Lesson learned, let's move on.

I wrote up about Rondo's comments about being a leader. He spoke about it during his gig on the air with Mike Gorman. Here are Rondo's comments during the broadcast.

From Celtics Today post

"Well being the older guy on the team or one of the oldest guys on the team, I have to be more vocal," Rondo told Mike Gorman on CSNNE's broadcast of Celtics-Bulls. "The last couple years I've been able to stay behind KG or Paul and listen to those guys talk, but now this year my role has gotten bigger like it has each year as I've been in the league eight years.

"So just continue to talk and also try to lead by example. Try to get out there and be the first one on the floor, stay in the weight room, continue to get better and encourage my teammates to do the same."

The guys Tanguay and Gasper responded to Rondo's response with this gargabe.


"He said, 'You can't take a day off from being a captain.' Well, he did take a day off by staying beyond when the team went to Sacramento," Tanguay said. "He stayed in Los Angeles for his birthday when the coach the GM Danny Ainge asked him to go with the team. He took a day off as the captain. In my opinion he's not captain material."

Gasper says that Rondo may be talking the talk without realizing he's not walking the walk.

"It's one of those things where I think he hears the message, but I'm not quite sure that he gets it," Gasper said. "So I think he was repeating the message as it had been repeated to him by Doc or somebody else, but I don't think it really resonated with him that he was not doing or living out those actions."

First of all, can't Rondo learn and move on? I get it, it takes time for some people. But I think their argument lacks anything new. There are double standards all the time, and Rondo reacted as if it was the Doc era. Get over it. These guys will never give Rondo any credit for anything. And honestly their opinion means nothing. If these comments were from legit NBA experts or analysts. Then I would give it a second thought. These guys don't have a clue. These are the same guys who wanted Paul Pierce out of town, and we all know how that turned out. A 17th banner in the rafters.

All I have to say is that Mike Gorman puts it best about Rondo.

Boston Globe

“For this to be a success, for me, would be if people that are watching us walk away saying, ‘Wow, he’s a better kid than I thought,’ ” Gorman said. “I think Boston has really missed the boat with this kid,” Gorman said. “I’m a Dorchester guy, I grew up in the city, and I just think the city has missed the boat in the sense that this is a good kid. “He does a lot of good charity stuff outside of the Celtics that he’s never talked about. If BirthdayGate is the biggest offense that he has in his professional career, well, I don’t know what to say about that. That was just much ado about nothing.” Gorman added that Rondo is “arguably, in my mind, one of the top five attractions in the NBA to watch on a nightly basis. He just does things that other people don’t do.”


  1. Just a bunch of assholes.

  2. Exactly. For some kind of reason, their brand of nastiness and small-mindedness really really seems to sell on Boston radio. Has for decades.

  3. Agree, this story will define Rondo for them, and Gorman really did say it best. His voice is one that matters.

  4. It sounds as though Tanguay and Gasper have a very limited repertoire, and really need to find something useful to say, as opposed to beating a long dead horse.
    If this is the type of verbal garbage that they have to come up with, that would be one show I wouldn't bother listening to, or watching.

  5. Love what Gorman said. Didn't mince words. One of top five players. In league. (skill)