Monday, April 14, 2014

Boston's interior defense could be priority number one for Danny Ainge this offseason

Danny Ainge joined Mike Gorman once again during Monday's broadcast against the 76ers. Ainge was asked what his biggest priority is this offseason, and he said without hesitation, a rim protector. After Boston gave up 64 points to the 76ers and 50 against Cleveland Saturday. The Bobcats also put 50 on the Celtics last Friday.

The Celtics have bigs, but not your everyday defensive anchor. They don't have a center with length, or a guy who intimidates shots. Ainge also said how hard it is to find a big that has length and who can protect the paint. The Celtics have rebounders, Sullinger and Hump can rebound at a good rate. Outside of that, the C's lack an inside big who can block the basketball.

I think the Celtics need to find a low cost center who can threaten inside. The Celtics have Vitor Faverani who has potential to be that, if he's healthy next season. What do the Celtics do if they can't get a guy who can protect the paint? They'll have to start in the backcourt with Bradley and Rondo. If they can control penetration from pick-and-roll defense and with pressure. Then maybe the smaller bigs can react.

Brad Stevens is a smart coach, and I think he can get by without a rim protector, but honestly I would love a guy who can control the paint.


  1. Look at Ibaka. Your rim protector does not have to be the center. With more power, Sully will be a guy who can control the paint. But if we go that route, I think we need some length at pf, which makes Olynyk not your starter but your sixth man.

  2. Sully will never be that guy.

  3. Really? I don't recall seeing many guys with such a nose for the paint. The kid is a center. He needs more power in his base.

  4. A rim protector is just what we need. But they are not cheap, so for get that. Now we can get a 7" guy that is not very good, but that does not solve our problem. If we're lucky we get one from the draft if not we pay.