Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: The Celtics have another 4th quarter collapse, or do they?

The Celtics were close in their past 4 losses. But when it came to closing the Raptors and Bulls out in their two sets of home-and-home's in the 4th quarter. It wasn't in the cards for the rebuilding Celtics.

-The Celtics outscored 23-10 against the Bulls Monday night in the 4th quarter.
-The Celtics outscored 29-25 against the Bulls Sunday night in the 4th quarter. Which isn't a horrible number.

-The Celtics actually outscored the Raptors 30-20 Friday, but still lost by two points.
-The Celtics outscored the Raptors again 28-22 in the 4th quarter.

I guess you can contribute the collapse to plays, and not points scored. Late game execution, like turning the ball over at the wrong time, or just flat out making the wrong choice in the final moments.


"Poor start. It wasn’t just the 4th. The first 5 minutes of the 3rd and the 4th we went into a drought. We looked heavy-legged the whole 2nd half. That’s no excuse because they played last night too. Our guys played with good spirit. We just couldn’t overcome the droughts."

The Celtics did have a drought in the 4th Monday night. The ball wouldn't go in. Bayless was the only one scoring the ball in the 4th, hitting a pair of 3's, and scoring 8 of Boston's 10 points in the 4th. Nobody could score outside of Bayless. The Celtics were 4-of-20, and it was a case of tired legs in some cases. I don't know what else it was besides a team giving up to a team in the Bulls who want to win more.

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  1. how does Rondo get assists with this team? I love them and love their spirit, but man.