Thursday, April 24, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Sullinger not worried with potential "fireworks" this offseason in Boston

I believe Sullinger is pretty safe, or at least it seems that way. What if Kevin Love and the Celtics want to join forces through a trade this summer? Would Jared Sullinger be safe? Would you want to part with Sully to land one of the best power forwards in the game. Many believe in Sully's untapped potential, and maybe you believe that Sullinger could be a Love type of player.

“Definitely,” Sullinger said when asked about his excitement level for what the team could look like come next season.

The question was likely hinting at possible roster upheaval, but Sullinger referred to his current teammates instead.

“We have the core pretty much – in me, Kelly (Olynyk), (Rajon) Rondo, Jeff (Green), all the guys that are coming back next year. But we just have to put games together,” Sullinger said. “There’s a lot of games where we were up and we would lose. If we put those games together, I think we could have been in the playoffs this year.”

“No. That’s (president of basketball operations Danny Ainge’s) job. That’s not my job,” Sullinger said. “My job is to put the (basketball) in the hole and stop my man from scoring the basketball. I have nothing to do with the management moves.”

I can't disagree with Sully. The Celtics were close all year, and could have easily been closer to the playoffs with some of the wins that eluded the Celtics. Kelly will be a year older, and more confident. Rajon will be more confident and more comfortable after playing just 30 games. Green will be Green, and where is Avery Bradley? I know Sully says "all the guys that are coming back next year". I would say Avery is apart of the core. Regardless of him being a free agent.

Sullinger could be one of Danny's biggest trade pieces. Sully has great potential. And someone out there could believe in him more than the Celtics. Will see how it all plays out. Were barley getting started. Will see what becomes of the Celtics after they find out where they'll pick in the draft.

Quotes from Jay King at Mass Live


  1. Sully is right. We have lots of potential already - and in Rondo we have one of the league's best players. I wouldn't trade Sully. If he strengthens his base, he has more potential than Love. He is a true center. It's not just about height, or even length. It's about the ability to control space, and the attitude to do it.

  2. Sully needs a guy to balance him out if Sully is our starting center. Look at KG. He was a true center playing a power forward. So people can be successful playing other spots. Duncan is the same way.

  3. I agree Greg. If Sully plays center, we really do need a 4 with some ability to block shots - which is one reason I think about people like Bosh or Smith. I think the key move this summer should be for a pf.