Sunday, April 13, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where Brad Stevens has the players working hard until the season ends

Tommy Heinsohn called Brad Stevens the "one" after the Celtics beat Cleveland Saturday night. Heinsohn has his moments, but he still speaks a lot of sense, and he still has a grasp of the game. He was right to point out Rajon Rondo the other day, and he's right about Stevens.

"Brad Stevens got his big toe in the tub, felt the hot water, and jumped in," says Heinsohn. "Right now I think he’s learned what pro basketball is all about. I think he’s a very astute basketball personality.

"He proved to me that he can reach down and reach the players because they’ve played hard through everything that’s happened to this basketball team this season. I think he’s the one."

Brad Stevens is the one, and with all the talk lately that he will leave Boston. I don't think Stevens is built that way as a person to walk away from a challenge like this. It's why he took the job in the first place. The team listens to him, and they play really hard for him, and you can't say that about every team. Stevens spoke after the game about the Celtics growth on the offensive end.

"You got a bunch of guys out there that are contracted for the future. It’s good that they play well, grow, learn and see different situations and feel better about themselves."

He gets it and he's exactly right. I think he should continue to play these guys in the final two games. I'm sure Rondo will suit up in the final two games,and maybe Hump and Sully. But if they don't. It will be great for this group right now to finish the season strong.

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  1. I'd like to see Rondo play at least one more game where he shows that he can push the ball like Pressey does. I think that is important.