Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where Rondo has found his inside game

Rondo's confidence has grown when it comes to taking the ball inside. He's finishing, and that will only fuel his confidence. With the season nearing a close, the test will begin this summer for Rondo. What kind of point guard will he be? Will he look to score more, or will he find a great balance. CSNNE'S A. Sherrod Blakely, pulled the numbers of Rondo's improvement scoring in the paint.


Well the numbers tell us that the narrative involving Rondo's shooting improvement around the basket, is no tall tale.

In the month of April, the four time All-Star is taking 62.9 percent of his shots in the paint which is a significantly higher percentage when you consider that shots in the paint only account for 52 percent of his shots the rest of the season.

The increased shot attempts around the basket this month stem from a noticeable decline in the percentage of mid-range jumpers he takes which is down to 17.1 percent in April, compared to 21 percent the rest of the season. Also, 3-pointers account for 20 percent of Rondo's shot attempts in April, down from 27 percent the rest of the season.

But getting shots in the paint is just part of the battle.

It won't do him or the Celtics any good if he's getting the shots and they don't fall in.

But that's definitely not the case of late with Rondo, one of the league's best at dribble penetrating into the lane to either score or kick out to teammates for an easier shot and for Rondo of course, another assist.

Since he re-joined the Celtics in January after missing the first few months of the season sitting out following a torn right ACL injury in January of 2013, the statistical strides he has made at getting to the basket and finishing, is readily apparent.

Rondo shot 63.6 percent in the paint this month, a significant increase compared to how he shot the ball in March (43.6) and February (44.4), and also a number that more than doubles the 31 percent he shot in the paint in January.

Rondo's performance Monday shows his confidence, the shot chart below tells the story.


  1. That's automatic, damn guy needs to score the rock.

  2. His confidence is coming back to level, and so is his ability to finish at the basket with all those trick shots!!

  3. Hook shot is going to be one of his bread and butter shots, I think.