Thursday, April 17, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Where Wyc Grousbeck likes where the Celtics are going

Wyc has been in a lot of stories as of late. He's either talking about fireworks, or he's cooling off from those comments he made last month. Wyc still is pretty confident in his way about the Celtics upcoming summer. I feel like anything can happen, nobody is safe. It's a real life Game of Thrones, who's the next to go?


"I expect to be really busy in June," said Grousbeck, "We're really glad we've got Danny [Ainge] and Brad [Stevens] in to run the basketball side, and ownership's side is to just be supportive."

Grousbeck went on to say he is very happy with the job Brad Stevens did, and looks forward to the future of the Boston Celtics.

"Brad [Stevens] is a huge high point for this team." continued Grousbeck, "We're thrilled to have Brad here. I think he's got the guys playing hard every night… I can see where we're going, and I like it."

I think Stevens was great this season, just like everyone else's feelings on the matter. I still don't know if he's a "system" type of coach, or a coach who coaches what he has to the best of their ability. I think Stevens has a year under his belt, and now he can build a system, but at the same time he needs to understand that you need to break your system at times to succeed. He needs to coach to his players strengths, rather than just a system.

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  1. I'd like to see Stevens and Rondo work harder to find plays that take advantage of the respective strengths of each of the other players on the team.