Sunday, April 20, 2014

Celtics season analytical recap

We already knew it before it began: this was going to be an up and down season, a learning season for most of the guys that are either really young or just not accustomed at playing together.

To understand how much of an up and down season it’s been, there’s nothing better than to look at a graphic: as I love numbers, I tried to put down an idea of everything that happened since October.

This is a summary of the whole Celtics season: lots of flat lines in the lower part followed by sharp peaks. Already looking at this complete graphic, we can notice that most of those low lines are for the games away from the garden; in fact, if we split the two graphics they would look like this:



Still a lot of ups and downs, but the alternation between win and losses is a lot more regular for home games. We struggled on the road for the whole season and the lines just confirm that showing some long losing streak.

There have been some difference also from a month to another: between January and February we had lots of tough game that saw the Celtics lose 21 games in that period.

We started the season in the right way, losing some games as expected but also surprising a lot of people on some occasion and coming away with some big win that made everyone excitement grow and more than one person in the media took notice of the Celtics potential under Brad Stevens wing.

As anticipated, this has been the dark period of the Celtics season: 7 victories in two months and 21 losses. We had some tough games and many game on the road, but we also started to struggle on the field, with good performance from some lone guy and not as a team.

Our struggles continued throughout the months of March and April.
Soon enough we understood that we had no chance to make it to the playoffs, and sometimes, we’ve seen the guys play without the effort that we wanted to see from them.

I started the season with lots of excitement for this team and the early results together with the mess that was the Atlantic division made me hope that we could make it to the playoffs, but the reality is been a lot different, and toward the end of the season I was a little disappointed to see my team lose so many game and some of them without fighting.

That said, I still see a lot of potential in those guys, both in the players that as a team. And Brad Stevens has won me over since the beginning.

We have a long summer in front of us and we will probably see some fireworks. Yet, in a couple of weeks my excitement will be back exactly as it was last year and I’ll be ready for the next season.