Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Danny Ainge is out of his mind comparing Paul Pierce's struggles to Jeff Green's inconsistent play

Danny Ainge is a natural commentator, he did it with TNT for a few years before taking the Celtics job. One of his statements during the Hawks game, caught the ears of many. He compared Jeff Green's consistency issues with the "Big 3", before they teamed up in 2007. Wow, I didn't know Jeff Green made the All-Star team. Is Jeff Green a former MVP? Did Jeff Green lead the Thunder to the playoffs during his early days? No, none of that happened. Ainge called out to fans that we expect too much out of Green. But hasn't he comparing Green's struggles with three future Hall Of Fame players?


"We've tried to expand Jeff's game, have him take shots with more efficiency, shoot more 3s off the dribble, which aren't as high percentage as he's used to," Ainge said "So, his percentages have gone down a little bit, but we like that he's taking those shots.

"People forget that KG, Paul [Pierce] and [Ray] Allen all strugged when they were on non-playoff teams before they got to Boston," Ainge said in comparing them to Green. "Even though they had good numbers here and there, they didn't have consistently good numbers until they got back together. Jeff needs help.

I don't want to poke at Jeff Green. It's not his fault that Ainge made an off base comment. Green's struggles aren't even close to the "Big 3's" before they teamed up in 2007. KG led the Wolves to the playoffs for 8 straight seasons, winning a MVP award, and other awards along the way. Ray and Paul led their teams as well. They both averaged over 20 plus points for consecutive years, and were regular All-Star's. All three were top guys before the trade. Green is not, and Ainge even said Green isn't. So, I don't know why Ainge compared Green to his former teammates.


  1. You called it, Shawn. Danny's talking nonsense there. But he's right in that players take time to develop.

  2. I think we already gave Green enough time to develop.
    Danny is really talking nonsense here.