Thursday, April 10, 2014

Danny Ainge wants Rondo to shoot the three ball

How do you feel about Rondo shooting the three? For years fans wanted Rondo to have a knock down jumper. He's almost there, and honestly his shot wasn't as bad as many made it out to be. Now Rondo looks pretty solid, and after returning from ACL surgery in January. Rondo came back with a tree-point shot.

Mass Live

The game’s first shot came from Rajon Rondo, who missed a 25-foot triple. One might think the Celtics would want to discourage such an attempt; after a hot start from behind the arc, Rondo’s hitting just 28.9 percent for the season.

But Ainge liked the look. Later in the game, he repeated several times that he wants Rondo to keep shooting, noting that the guard seems more confident in his jumper now. The Celtics know Rondo’s threes aren’t efficient shots now, but they trust the work he has put in and hope that one day in the future, he will be able to stretch defenses like never before.

I agree with Ainge fully about Rondo's three ball. Rondo played well against the Hawks, but I got the sense that Ainge wasn't all over Rondo during the broadcast. Danny, as you know already, warmed up to the fact about giving Jeff Green help. What about Rondo? If Green can't become this player with Rondo, then is he really that good, or at least how you made it sound Ainge.

“Jeff needs help,” Ainge said, meaning Green performs better as a complementary piece surrounded by star talent. We have evidence that says he does. He was very good toward the end of last season, when Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett helped him focus on what he does best: spot-up threes and transition layups.

But Ainge’s most interesting comment about Green referred to the team encouraging him to try new things.

“We've tried to expand Jeff's game, have him take shots with more efficiency, shoot more threes off the dribble, which aren't as high percentage as he's used to,” Ainge said “So, his percentages have gone down a little bit, but we like that he's taking those shots.”

Back to Rondo and his three-point shooting. Rondo has already reached a career high with 24 made three's, in just 28 games. His second highest total was 17 in the 2009-10 season. Rondo is shooting just .279% from three, which isn't ideal by any means. I think the mid 30's would be great. Which could happen for Rondo next season, as he continues to build confidence with his new found weapon.

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  1. I think he needs to keep shooting, and keep working on his shot. He's got to start hitting those shots. And he can. This summer is by far the most important of his career, I think, setting aside last summer's recovery from the ACL. Stay in Boston, Rondo! Work on your game! Those threes are going to make your whole game work ten times better. A frightening thought for the rest of the league...