Monday, April 21, 2014

Doc Rivers and Jermaine O'Neal get into it during game 2

Doc Rivers once called Jermaine O'Neal training camp MVP when he was with Boston. Time has passed, and Doc Rivers is out west, and so is O'Neal. Doc Rivers seemed to be upset that O'Neal was playing some hard defense on his precious Blake Griffin. Who went off for 35 in the Clippers 138-98 win over Golden State.

Some point to Doc being upset with Jermaine about being a bust with the Celtics. Maybe he still holds some hard feelings about that time. But I don't believe Doc felt that way during game action. I'm sure that was the least of Doc's worries with the Clippers down 1-0 against the Warriors. Now the series is tied, and the Clippers may have ripped all of the momentum away from the Dubs.

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  1. Well, I think there is some history there. Jermaine took the Cs for a lot of money. Would have been nice to see Doc go off that way, though, at one of the many big guys who mugged Rondo.