Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Does Barkley have a real reason to call out Jared Sullinger's tweet?

I like Chuck, but I felt like he got a little angry for no real reason. Sully was just having a little fun, and I didn't feel like he insulted or did anything wrong. Barkley was quick to say that Sullinger shouldn't be able to comment because he didn't make the playoffs. First of all, Chuck has no room to comment on current players if he feels that way. Since he has no ring. Take it easy Chuck.


  1. Sully won this round. He got Berkeley 'plainin about his tweet. I'm sure Sully doesn't even look at Berkeley's tweets, if Berkeley even tweets.

  2. Sully is stating fact Chuck.

  3. Yup - those two really act like goofballs.