Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garnett and Pierce feel for Doc's situation in LA

Just think, both KG and Paul could have been with the Clippers. Maybe not Pierce, but KG was rumored to be sent over with Jordan. The former Celtics, feel for their former leader and coach. I agree with them, Doc is the right coach with this turmoil in LA.

ESPN Boston

“Definitely, it’s a tough situation,” Pierce said. “Your owner is labeled as a racist. You’re a head black coach, head president. It’s a tough situation to work for somebody like that so it’s hard to be in that situation this time of the year, so much on the line.

“But I know Doc is very headstrong and he’ll work it out.”

Garnett said he has sent his support to Rivers.

“I think it’s important for obviously players to be unified,” Garnett said. “The Sterlings of the world obviously exist. Sports brings cultures together. We need to focus on that.

“If any coach can deal with it, he can,” Garnett added. “Doc is one of the most resilient coaches I’ve ever played for. Not just helped me out as a player but helped me out as a young man, helped me as a better father and a better person. I hope that he is able to spread some of that to his players and his organization.”

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  1. Sterling's racist attitude is horrible, and I think it's actually one of many horrible attitudes commonplace amongst US elites. Many successful people in America look down on other people, whether it's based on race, gender, sexual orientation or class. Fwiw, I'll bet that if you had tapes of some of KG's private conversations, there would be some pretty awful things he'd be caught saying.