Thursday, April 24, 2014

Golden State screwed by the refs in 98-96 loss to the Clippers

Chris Paul hit Stephen Curry on the elbow, and caused him to fall on the final play of the game. Before that the refs had some poor calls before the obvious Chris Paul foul on Curry. An obvious charge on Griffin happened a couple of plays before that, but it was called a blocking foul on Draymond Green. I get it, the Clippers are LA, and they have two of the golden boys in the NBA, and the golden coach. The fix was in on this game.

Blake Griffin scored 32 points and picked up eight rebounds, DeAndre Jordan had 14 points and 22 monster rebounds. Klay Thompson scored 26 points, and Stephen Curry had 16 points and 15 assists to rally the Warriors back. Curry was also fouled on one of his two three's that he nailed in the final moments in the 4th. The Clippers now take a 2-1 lead. I don't know if the league wants the Clippers to win, but the refs were poor Thursday night in Oakland.

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  1. I'd say that anyone who thinks the NBA doesn't rig things is hopelessly naive. Pro-sports is a step away from rasslin. But it's like reality tv. Things are rarely, if ever, literally scripted. Just massaged heavily.