Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Health is the one thing in Avery Bradley's way

Avery Bradley will turn 24 as the 2014-15 season gets underway in November. He's up for a contract this summer, and the Celtics will have the chance to counter offer any deal that's offered to AB this summer. The biggest hurdle when offering Avery Bradley a contract this summer is his past health issues. He's still a young guy, and when he does return from injuries he seems better than before. Avery Bradley ended the season averaging 22.4 points a game in the final five games, and he increased his season average to 14.9 points a game, a career high for Bradley.

His defensive game showed some cracks in 2013-14, but his role on a team with three hall of Fame players was being a defensive player and not an offensive player. Now the Celtics look for him, and that's credit to Bradley for taking great pride in his offensive game. Bradley showed great offensive growth and confidence. He has great potential to be one of the best shooters in the game, which is kind of shocking for me to say or believe. Avery matched his career shooting percentage this season, but increased his three-point shooting.

Unlike some other players in Boston. Avery Bradley hasn't even scratched the surface of what he could be. We know that Bass is a solid NBA player, who will give 12 and 6 almost every night. Jeff Green is inconsistent, and will have some big games, but that's him and that won't change. Avery Bradley has shown growth in every NBA season, but one big thing has stunted his next step. Health and season ending injuries have derailed his career in some ways.

ESPN Boston

"Avery had a good season," said Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. "I’ve seen improvement in Avery this year. The biggest issue with Avery has just been health. He plays hard and he’s had some injuries, but none of them are injuries that should prevent him from being a great player."

The Celtics will likely resign Bradley. But a chance still remains that Boston trades him in a sign and trade. I prefer to see where Bradley goes with another contract in Boston. I don't know if he's a starting shooting guard on a championship team. But I'd rather build around him than to continue with Green. Rondo's a champion point guard, who needs championship talent. Some guys on the Celtics have potential, and I think Avery Bradley could be one of those players.


  1. Extend Rondo and resign Bradley

  2. This season is a struggle for Avery but i believe he can do better. He can have a much better career high , with Rondo back on the team I hope they can make it next season.