Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is Kevin Durant your MVP yet?

The Thunder won't finish with the best record in the Western Conference. They could still catch the Spurs mathematically, but unlikely that the Spurs drop the rest of their games this season. The Thunder currently have the second best record in the NBA, and their 3 games ahead Lebron's Heat in the loss column.

Durant's been the best player this season, and I think James has been solid, but honestly I think he's been pretty tame this season compared to past seasons. The Thunder ended the Spurs 19 game winning streak, and Durant continued his streak streak of 25 points or more. I think Durant is the run away MVP this season. Kevin's been focused on winning a title, and that focus has put him right there for a MVP trophy.


  1. He kept that team afloat without West and Hardin. Give him the darned MVP. Give Le Ego a consolation prize, such as Most Pathetic Loser Even When Winning.

  2. Heart, attitude, unselfish leader with the amazing stats. Hands down the MVP. Who is even close to that this year or the last decade? And Oh yeah, gives the credit to God for giving him the i n credible gift he has.

  3. KD you're not perfect, no one is, but you have been the most extraordinary athlete and role model I've personally seen in my 43years. Proud to be your brother in Christ and also a Thunder fan. Our whole team is most refreshing. Very sacrificial for each other. Perfection for a team or successful family or any business.