Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Moves Can The Boston Celtics Do To Come Back Strong Next Season?

The Boston Celtics are one of the several powerhouse teams in the NBA which failed to even make it to the playoffs this season. Of course, such a course was widely expected this season, as Danny Ainge decided to initiate a rebuilding process, when he traded away not only Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, but also the longtime Head Coach of the team, Doc Rivers. So, what’s next for the C’s? What can the team do in order to get better next season?

Jarred Sullinger and Kris Humphries
First of all, the Boston Celtics will try to add some significant talent through the upcoming draft. As we already know, the 2014 rookie class will include tons of talent, so the C’s stand good chances to add one or even two difference makers through the draft this summer.

Boston has two first – round picks this summer. One them is a lottery pick while the second one, which was acquired through the Brooklyn Nets in the KG and Paul Pierce trade, is projected to be the No.18. Chances are the Celtics’ lottery pick ends up being a top – five one. This means that the C’s may be able to add a future superstar and also another impactful player through the draft.
The biggest need the team has comes at the center spot. In fact, the Celtics played the entire 2013 – 2014 season without a true center on-board. Kris Humphries and Jarred Sullinger were assigned with the center spot but neither of those two players is a true center.

Joel Embiid is the best center of the 2014 rookie class but it’s unlikely the Celtics will be able to draft him. Of course, Boston could end up holding a very high pick, possibly a top three, if they get extremely lucky but from as it now seems, they don’t stand big chances to draft him. There are several more capable big men who are projected to be first – round picks but none of them are really centers. Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh and Adreian Payne are all potential candidates for the C’s.

Greg Oden future Celtics?
With their mid – round pick in the first round, the Boston Celtics could target a guard. Of course, Rajon Rondo will still be the centerpiece of the team, the player the C’s will build around but Boston will definitely need to add some talent in its backcourt. Guard Shabazz Napier from the University of Connecticut seems to be a very good fit for the Celtics.

Of course, we should expect the Celtics to be active during the free agency. The C’s don’t have much salary cap available so they will have to try and find bargain free agents. An upgrade at the center spot should be considered almost certain, with some analysts stating that Boston could even eye Miami Heat’s Greg Oden. Although the Celtics might not be contending for the championship next season, we should expect them to be much better than this season.

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  1. We don't necessarily need a center. We need our true center, Sullinger, to gain power in his base so he can bully the bullies around the league. Ideally, we need a pf with length/shotblocking ability. The best move might be for us to trade our draft picks.

    1. Trading our draft picks for what exactly?

    2. It's fine to ask me a question, but to presume to dictate to me how I shall answer?

  2. I would say Sully has potential to be the next Rasheed Wallace maybe? But Wallace was longer and taller. It's just their offensive games that are similar.

  3. I think the only similarities between Sully and Wallace are that both like to shoot threes and both pick up Ts. A guy like Wallace might be exactly the kind of pf you'd like next to Sully though, because he has length and is a shotblocker. I think Sully will be a top rebounder, which Wallace was not, and a guy who controls action in the paint.