Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rajon Rondo may have his best season in his contract year

Judging Rondo right now is hard. He's near 100%, or at least that's we said when he joined Mike Gorman Monday night. I would say Rondo's right, because his first quarter against the Wizards was a possible preview of things to come. I don't think will see a total transformation from Rondo in the final weeks. He'll just continue to fine tune his craft. Next season will be a contract year for Rondo, and frankly. I think Rondo will have his best season of his career.

Things could change for Rondo and the Celtics this summer. It depends on Ainge's ability to draft, trade, and sign free agents. I know I hope for 2007 part two, but what if that doesn't happen? I still think Rondo will have a great season. I think Stevens and Rondo will have a better understanding of each other. I also think the young guys will have a better bond with Rondo. The wildcard player is Avery Bradley. Will he return to Boston, and if he does. Will he even be healthy? His health has stunted his growth, and his growth with Rondo.

Rondo's tool box was on display in the first quarter against the Wizards, when he scored 10 points on 5-of-8 shooting. He had the hook shot, the fake behind the back pass scoop shot, and the off the dribble layup. Plus a nice jumper at the top of the key. He did miss two three's, but honestly, despite his improvement from three. I still hope to see more offense in other ways from him.

If you thought national TV Rondo was scary. How about contract year Rondo? He has a lot to prove, and I expect great numbers no matter what. I think 17 points, 13 assists, and 5 rebounds from Rondo is what will see from him in 2014-15. What do you think?


  1. I think you hit it on the head, Shawn. I think we will see an MVP level year from Rondo next year, with numbers similar to the ones you suggest. And dare I ask for DPY improvement at the defensive end from Mr. Matador? Lol! Wall really did make Rondo look silly last night, though lack of help from teammates contributed to that. I think, though, that Rondo needs to spend the summer close to Waltham. He needs to have his worst summer ever, in terms of relaxation, and his best in terms of developing his game and working out his relations with teammates, and developing better offensive plans for next year. The playbook seemed pretty thin this year, and I guess that was to be expected considering personnel and the lack of opportunity to practice together.

  2. I agree the playbook was thin this year, and maybe because the start of the year was without Rondo, and the Celtics changed a lot during the season. I agree with you guys, Rondo is up for a big year. I hope like most fans that were contenders in the East again.

  3. A lot depends on Rondo, and a lot depends on what moves Ainge makes.

  4. I'm kind of stuck on letting Green go. Done with him, and Bradley? Mr. injury