Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rajon Rondo Latest News, Rumors And Updates

Ok, just place yourself in Rajon Rondo’s shoes for a sec. Just imagine how he might be feeling at the moment. After spending seven seasons in a legendary franchise like the Boston Celtics, playing alongside future Hall of Famers like Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and also after winning one championship ring, he now has to live through the tough rebuilding process of his team. Disappointing isn’t it? For sure. So what can he or the team do?

Over the course of the past couple of years we’ve heard tons of rumors about a potential Rajon Rondo trade. Some of them might had some dose of truth, while others had nothing to do with the reality. The reality is that the 28 – year old superstar point guard is under contract till the end of the next season and if we believe what Danny Ainge states, the Celtics won’t trade him away. Of course, there is always the possibility to see Rondo getting involved into a trade, as Boston’s President of Basketball Operations hinted that the team has to do clever moves and good deals.

Thankfully, Rajon Rondo managed to return to action this season and although he wasn’t as dominant as he was prior to his injury, he still made his impact felt. Now, he will have much time during the offseason to fully heal, get back in shape and find his game. It will be crucial for the Celtics to have him at his 100 percent next season, even if they end up trading him away. That way, the team can get the most out of a potential deal.

Now, there will be a bunch of teams willing to acquire Rondo during this summer. After all, most GMs who eye the energetic point guard saw the opportunity in front of their eyes, when Danny Ainge initiated the beginning of the rebuild in Boston, trading away KG, Pierce and also longtime Head Coach Doc Rivers. There were numerous requests for Rondo but Ainge kept on rejecting them.

The latest significant request, which came at the trade deadline back during February, came from the Houston Rockets, who were willing to ship a package that would contain either Jeremy Lin or Omer Asik to Boston, in exchange for Rondo. Considering that the Rockets will continue to not play well during the 2014 playoffs and maybe even exit from the first round, look for them to knock on the Celtics’ door once again this summer. After all, they do have something to offer back to Boston and I am not that sure if Ainge can find a much better deal than the one Houston will present. After all, Rondo declined a contract extension and the clock is ticking for the C’s to find a way to make the most out of his value.

Of course, the Celtics have several other priorities to take care of during the offseason and unless they hear a great deal for Rondo, they might just choose to stay pat once again. Jeff Green, Kris Humphries and Brandon Bass could all be moved before Rondo this summer.

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  1. There is a claim here that many of the Rondo trade rumors had nothing to with reality. Of course, we have no way to know that, so it's as baseless a claim as the claim that all Rondo rumors were absolutely based on fact. Denials by Danny have little or no standing as evidence for anything in particular. As well, we can be sure that there have been many trade conversations we have heard nothing about.

    In fact, it has been well attested that at least one deal for Rondo, that would have sent him to Sacramento, almost went through.

    There is a very good chance that Rondo will be traded. Possibly he won't be. I'd say the odds are 50/50.

  2. Danny admitted to almost trading Rondo to the Kings this past winter. He's also came close in other deals in the past.